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I see the mentality of the individual as the way one sees the universe around them. Everyone has their own individual perspective from their own set of eyes, ears, nose, etc. This allows people to form their own ideas based on their perceived sense of anything given thing. This connection between external stimuli and your brain is done through interneurons. Sometimes, these interneurons can be wired to the wrong receptors causing someone to smell a sweet aroma when they see the color green for instance. Fortunately, we have neuroplasticity to help us grow and rewire our brains to work at maximum efficiency. With all this being said, British Neuroscientist, Anil Seth, once said “Reality is a controlled hallucination,” meaning everything you perceive to be real is only because you believe the senses you’re picking up on are real. That is the power of belief.

Although everyone has individual beliefs, they often overlap with others. The best way to put this is that the foundation of beliefs is extraordinarily similar, especially when they are based on universal laws that are true no matter where or when you are. These include the Seven Hermetic Principles and then some.

  1. Mentalism — The Universe is Mental — To think is To Become

  2. Correspondence — As above, so Below

  3. Vibration — Nothing Rests — 3rd Law Thermodynamics

  4. Polarity — Everything is Dual

  5. Rhythm — All Things Rise & Fall

  6. Cause & Effect — Everything happens according to Law

  7. Gender — Everything has Masculine & Feminine Energy

Law Of Balance — Governs Hermetic Principles

Law of Truth — The Truth will ALWAYS prevail, it governs the Law of Balance.

The first two months of the course will go over all the Hermetic Principles in detail and give real-world examples of how to see and apply them to your own life, as well as how to teach others to see the world through the lens of these newly founded principles.

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