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To be mindful is to be aware of your position in both space and time. Understanding where you stand in physical, mental, and spiritual health, along with your relationships with those are you, your career and your pursuit of your dreams is all a part of mindfulness.

  1. Awareness of Your Energy, Attention, and Focus — The only thing is truly having control over is your energy and what you choose to spend it on.

  2. Awareness of Your Reasoning Behind the Choices You Make — Deontology, a set of strict principles, disregards consequence — Consequentialism, performing an action based on the consequence of the action — Innate Goodness, performing actions based solely on the thought of it being good.

  3. Meditation — To be able to focus on one thing for a set amount of time or to be able to clear your head allowing for your body to go into a state of homeostasis

Mindfulness is an extremely important part of becoming the best version of yourself as to be able to reflect on each of the three planes of life: physical, mental, and spiritual; is to learn how to grow and what direction to focus your growth on. This will allow you to become more balanced, stronger, and poised in every way possible. I am a firm believer that self-mastery comes not from mastery of the way of life but the reflection of life and this is best done through experience and reflection of the experience.

The goal of the Mindfulness section of the course is to create conscious Beings who are making conscious choices. Everyone has to make choices in their lives and with that said, we all want to make the best choice for the Universe, Humanity, our Families and Friends, or lastly ourselves. Every choice you make will affect those around you. From the second you wake up in the morning to the second you go to sleep, you are programming your subconscious mind with everything that enters your aura, never mind your physical body. Everything is connected through the quantum world. You attract and repel what you wish. Be careful what you desire because your desires will come true, especially if you are willing to put the work into making even your wildest dreams come true.

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